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High North Dialogue 2015 conference

18. Mars

The High North center is happy to invite you to participate at the High North Dialogue 2015 Conference, taking place in Bodoe, Norway 17-19 March.

The High North Dialogue Conference is an annual event which brings together major interested parties concerned with Arctic development, including politicians and heads of administration from central governments in all Arctic States, major extractive industry leaders, representatives from fishing communities, academia, local communities, indigenous people, local politicians and other important stakeholders. The purpose of the event is to encourage and facilitate dialog between different stakeholders for sustainable industrial development in the Arctic regions, information sharing and discussion of best practices.

In 2015 we are organizing the tenth High North Dialogue conference, and the main topic of the conferences is “Arctic in a global perspective”. For the 2015 Conference we have a special focus on Arctic Business & Security.  For the history of the former conferences, please visit www.highnorthdialogue.com  for more information.


One of the main target groups of the conference is Master- and PhD students from all around the world working with Arctic issues in their studies.  They will be the future leaders of the Arctic. We already have several students from Norway, Russia and Ukraine, and this year we also hope have students from EU, China, Canada, US and the rest of Asia. This conference gives a unique opportunity to address these young people about the challenges and prospects the people of the Arctic and their mother nations are facing.

In connection with the conference we also organise different Master and PhD courses and a model Arctic Council meeting for the students, and participants of the High North Dialogue Conference are welcome to participate at this as role players, advisors or observers.

If your embassy could help us to promote the conference and courses, and maybe forward information to relevant institutions in your country, it would be highly appreciated. The deadline for foreign students attending the courses is February 15th.  For the conference the deadline is March 1st.

PS: Vi har veldig få studenter fra Finland og vil svært gjerne ha mange flere fra dere.


Please let us know if you have any questions and if there is anything we can assist you with.


Please follow www.highnorthdialogue.com  for updated information and registration.


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